The Vodka that will rock your tastebuds

The Vodka that will rock your tastebuds

The Vodka that will rock your tastebudsThe Vodka that will rock your tastebudsThe Vodka that will rock your tastebuds
Rock'n Vodka, Sugar Cane Vodka from Rockford, IL that is Rock'n the Midwest.


The Vodka

Looking for a unique vodka that will elevate your cocktail experience?

This 100% Sugar Cane Vodka has been 5 times distilled and filtered using coconut husk activated charcoal. Made exclusively from natural ingredients it is gluten free and contains no additional sugar after distillation.  In fact there is was no need to add to this tasty vodka. ROCK’N has a complex taste: smooth and mellow with a distinct character of sweetness from the sugar cane.  It will liven up your favorite cocktail, can be used in the kitchen or savored on its own.  So trust your palate and come ROCK’N with us!  

Rick Nielsen thinks Rock'n Vodka Rocks

The Celebrity Spokesperson

ROCK'N VODKA welcomes Rick Nielsen as our new celebrity spokesperson. Rick Nielsen is the lead guitarist, backing vocalist, and primary songwriter of American rock band Cheap Trick. He is well known for his numerous custom-made guitars from Hamer Guitars, including his famous five-neck guitar.  

Bella Rio Consulting, Andy, Isabella, and Denny

The Brand

The Rock'n Vodka Brand was conceived and developed by Bella Rio Consulting of Rockford, IL. 

Addie, Tim, Rick Nielsen and Rock'n Vodka

The Producers

ROCK'N VODKA is distilled, produced and sold under a royalty Agreement by Barnstormer Distillery (Formerly known as GrantView Distillery) in Rockford IL.  


Find Rock'n Vodka

Rock'n Vodka is currently available in the greater Rockford, IL area at many fine stores and restaurants. Stay tuned for more locations.

Retail establishments, bars and restaurants wishing to carry ROCK'N can request information from:

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